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Spend Analysis can uncover savings opportunities. Gain Visibility - Gain Control by using ProcurePorts’ Cloud Hosted Spend Analysis Software. Contact Us today to see if your company qualifies for a Free Spend Analytics Assessment.


Spend Analysis Software

Struggling with disparate data from disparate data sources?

ProcurePort uses a structured spend analysis process to cleanse and analyze your spend data so that you can uncover hidden savings through spend visibility using our state of the art Spend Analysis Software:

Spend Analysis Software

Typical process steps of a spend analysis project include:

  • Data Cleansing

  • Data Normalization

  • Accurate categorization of many types of spend, including direct, indirect, and MRO

  • Categorize spend to UNSPSC and other taxonomies, including custom proprietary ones

  • Spend visibility drilled down to P.O. line item detail

  • Single spend management database for a complete spend analysis, capturing detailed data from required legacy systems and databases, including transaction systems, Purchase Card spend, time and expense systems, physical invoices, etc.

  • Spend Categorization of both internal commodity categories and external category schemes

  • Item content cleansing tools/services and reference controls

  • User friendly tools for exporting and importing data - Excel, CSV, XML

  • Ability to identify addressable vs. non-addressable spend

ProcurePort has processed over $3 trillion in spend, spread across suppliers globally. Our software and services allows Procurement teams of Global Organizations conduct comprehensive and accurate analysis necessary to drive and measure cost savings.

The ProcurePort Spend Analysis Software is a cloud hosted solution that allows you to conduct various scenario analysis on all your organizational spend. Access all spend data via easy-to-use dashboards, pre-built-reports as well as custom reports. Analyze your data based on spend type, supplier type, supplier density, location, spend amount range, category, sub-category, and other scenarios; all with the click of a button and at your fingertips.

Spend Analysis

Use ProcurePort’s Spend analysis software to compare and analyze data across multiple years, quarters and months and easily identify opportunities for supplier consolidation and cost savings.

Cost Savings
  • Intuitive graphical reporting with ready-to-use spend reports by category, supplier, payment terms, diversity etc.

  • Power analysis for ad-hoc reporting across multiple dimensions

  • Savings opportunity pipeline to generate actionable savings from spend reports

  • User specific dashboards for easy access to relevant information

Data Management

ProcurePort’s Spend analysis Solution can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Choose the delivery option below that best suits your business needs:

  • Take advantage of our experienced solutions consultants to do the data management and maintenance for you—collecting all of your spend and supplier-related data, cleansing it and classifying it to your specifications. You have access to the modules at all times and have full visibility into the entire process, ensuring the accuracy and timely progress of your spend analysis.

  • Allow our experienced consultants to do the heavy lifting for you, then license the modules yourself for ongoing management and maintenance. Our solutions consultants are ready to assist you at any time with any additional requirements.

  • License the modules for your own use and have complete control over your own collection, cleansing and classification using a robust master data analytics and management module that was designed specifically for spend analysis.

The ProcurePort Spend Analysis Software is accessible via the web using a browser or also on your tablet or mobile phone. Present your data to various stakeholders using various filters and controls and provide secure password access to your dashboards via the web and mobile platforms

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