Purchase Requisition Software

An easy to implement cloud hosted solution that can automate your purchase requisition process. Manage purchase order requests using a tight approval process for an efficient procurement process and save time.

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Online Purchase Requisition Software System

Purchase Requisitions are used by large organizations to manage and control purchasing costs for goods and services. Procurement systems such as the one provided by ProcurePort can fully automate the purchase requisition process - all the way from Purchase Request to Purchase Approval in real time.

Automating your purchasing process helps your team focus on what really matters

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  • Manage approval for all your organization's direct and indirect spend from one centralized system.

  • Create and share purchase orders instantly.

  • Order in multiple currencies, for multiple locations, and multiple legal entities all from one place.

  • Track purchases and monitor spending on the fly using real time analytics.

  • Make smarter budgeting decisions, and ensure efficient purchase order management with the ProcurePort Purchase Requisition Software.

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    Move away from the traditional paper and email-based purchasing process and use a cloud hosted requisition software to save time and manage spend limits. Fully automating your procure-to-pay process involves automating your purchase requisition process.

    Purchasing approval software can make your procurement process secure, auditable and fast.

  • Approval workflows, spending thresholds and controls move the purchasing process forward without having to chase people down.

  • Customized spending limits prevent maverick spending and online catalogs ensure that items/services are being purchased from preferred suppliers under contracted pricing.

  • Email and mobile approvals make the process seamless and easy for all stakeholders.

5 Step Purchase Requisition Process

The form is fully configurable and can accommodate additional input fields as part of the purchase requisition form template.


Fill out the online purchase request form


Select items from an online catalog or manually enter items/services


Auto approval based on budgets or seek approval from procurement team


Track purchase requisition request in real time


Real time analytics on all purchasing activity

Audit & Track

Web screen of ProcurePort's Purchase Order Requisition software auction dashboard
  • Using an Online Purchase Order Requisition Software can create purchase order process efficiencies including capabilities to audit and control the purchasing process including managing spend limits in real time. This ensures that all organizational buyers follow the organizations purchase order policies and procedures. Procurement systems such as the one provided by ProcurePort also allows for mobile approvals of purchase requests.

  • A standardized purchase requisition template can ensure that purchase orders are delivered in a consistent format and can be easily routed through the approval process.

  • The process also provides spend visibility to the entire procurement department including accounts payable.

Easily Integrate with Popular ERP Software(s)?

Easily integrate the ProcurePort Purchase Requisition Software with SAGE, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, SAP, Infor, Syspro, Plex and other popular ERP software.

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Fully Configurable

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  • The ProcurePort Purchase Requisition Software allows organizations to customize the layout of the purchase requisition form based on their internal requirements. A typical form may consist of information such as the Requisition ID, department name and location, requester name, required date, budget amount and information related to the items or services being requested.

  • Purchase requisition management with centralized data and document management with optional custom fields ensure all the information you need is tracked from request through approval.

  • The solution allows the Requester to select goods or services from an online Purchasing Catalog or manually enter the part numbers and description of the items he or she is looking to purchase. Additionally, images and other supporting files can be uploaded as part of the Purchase requisition information.

Integrated Online Purchasing Catalogs

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Purchasing from a catalog ensures that the buyer is purchasing from preferred suppliers as well as using contracted pricing, thereby adhering to budget controls.

Approval Workflow Engine

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Do you have buyers located in distributed locations? Have your central purchasing department evaluate all requisitions and provide the appropriate approvals based on spend category, budget, etc. The approval workflow engine allows you to create custom approval workflows to ensure that all purchases are thoroughly vetted prior to the purchasing process. Easily approve purchase requisitions using email and mobile approvals.

Integrated Purchase Order Software System

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  • Once approved, a purchase requisition can be converted directly to a Purchase Order with the appropriate purchase order number or sent to the Quote Request Module for securing bids from various vendors, further automating the procure-to-pay process.

  • The ProcurePort Purchase Order Requisition Software System streamlines your Purchasing Process by allowing your buyers to submit a purchase requisition electronically using a secure cloud-based portal and save time. The solution allows easy access to online catalogs of goods and services with contracted pricing, making the requestors purchase requisition process seamless and easy.

Easy to use Purchase Requisition Software

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Purchase Order Requisition Process

In a procurement system, the process of requisition is the first step in sourcing any product or service. The ProcurePort e-Sourcing Software solution suite provides all modules necessary to automate your organizations Source-to-Pay process. The modules can be implemented independently or as a complete procurement solution suite.
A Cloud Based Procurement System that is easy to use and implement can greatly streamline your companies procurement process and save time for the entire procurement department.

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Purchase Requisition

Requestor completes purchase requisition order form by using an online catalog of goods and services or by creating items for requisition manually using the purchase order requisition template.

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Purchasing team reviews the purchase requisition order form for completeness and accuracy. Additionally, reviews the value of the purchase request to ensure budgetary compliance prior to approving the requisition.

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Purchase Order

Once a purchase requisition is approved, the buyer releases the purchase requisition and issues a Purchase Order (P.O.) or issues an RFQ (Request For Quote) to suppliers for pricing.

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The Requestor can track progress of the requisition in real-time. An inbuilt messaging feature allows the Requestor to communicate with the central procurement team or the buyer in charge of approving the requisition for clarifying any questions related to the requisition.

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