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Qualify new suppliers quickly and easily with ProcurePort’s RFP Software. Compare supplier quotes side-by-side using ProcurePort’s RFQ Software. The RFP, RFI and RFQ processes have never been easier.

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e-Sourcing Software to conduct online RFI, RFP and RFQ


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Automate your Request for information, Request for Proposal and Request for Quote with the ProcurePort cloud hosted e-Sourcing software.


Is your organization currently using paper, email and Excel files to collect supplier information and supplier bids? ProcurePort can automate the entire sourcing process with a combination of modules and provide a secure and faster way to collect supplier information and bids.


Request for Quote automation is critical for efficient procurement. Save time by implementing a Request for Quote software and ditch the manual processes of receiving bids or price quotes.

RFI, RFQ, and RFP Software Features

The RFI and RFQ software modules are comprehensive and feature-rich, allowing you to create simple or extensive RFPs for any type of product or service.

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  • Create Request for Proposal - RFP easily

  • Quick create using a Questions repository

  • Create Pages, Sections, Sub-Sections

  • Support for various question types (File upload, Free text, Y/N, Multi-select, Radio choice, Pricing, Pricing levels, Custom Fields & many more)

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  • Ability to release addendums

  • Automatic supplier notification

  • Secure login for suppliers

  • Supplier acceptance sign-off for terms and conditions

  • RFP deadlines and late notices

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  • Auto and manual scoring options

  • currency conversion

  • Advanced reporting for response comparison

  • Track document download and response completion by each supplier

  • Convert to a real-time reverse auction for RFQ finalists

  • Winner selection tool

  • Third party software Integration support

Automate the process of supplier evaluation by using the RFI scoring feature. The RFI scoring feature allows you to assign weights/scores to each question. Additionally, allow Evaluators to score responses manually if required.

Comprehensive reporting feature allows you to compare supplier responses and bids side by side to make quick award decisions.

RFQ Software Features

The Request for Quote module allows you to:

Web screen with Request for Quote module preview
  • Collect comprehensive supplier information along with bids/quotes.

  • Use Excel to upload and create large bid requests.

  • Allow your suppliers to use Excel to upload large bid quotes.

  • Easily access and compare bids from all suppliers online

  • Run live bid analysis to award business.


ProcurePort is hosted in a Tier IV Data center that is SSAE 16 Type II compliant, providing the highest level of security and privacy for your data. Sending an RFQ to automate your request for quote process has never been more secure or easier.

Automated Process

ProcurePort’s e-Sourcing Software allows your organization to automate the process of collecting supplier information for any size project. Stop the time-consuming process of manually collecting RFI and RFQ information for your projects.

ProcurePort’s e-Sourcing modules easily automate the RFX process. Compare different supplier RFP /RFI responses using onscreen reports or export them in Excel for offline comparison.


Procurement professionals monitor supplier activity in real-time, watching as suppliers compete and update their pricing throughout the competitive bidding event.



Stop the time consuming process of paper and email based RFI and switch to the ProcurePort Cloud hosted e-Sourcing Software to automate the collection of bids and information from your suppliers.

Cut your RFI and RFQ process time by 90% and drive efficiency and cost savings with an online RFQ Software.

Fully Integrated

Easy integration with third party ERP Systems allows you to create a purchase order from within the RFQ software using the award management feature. ProcurePort’s RFQ software can easily automate your RFP process, enabling your organization to automate a business process that streamlines procurement.

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