Procurement Software for Energy Brokers & Suppliers

Automate energy purchases with real-time e-auctions

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Process optimization & transaction efficiency drive shorter sales cycles & maximize profitability.

Whether you want to streamline capacity procurement or enhance your utility marketplace, ProcurePort’s Procurement Software for Energy Brokers & Suppliers makes it possible to automate business processes, promote collaboration & generate higher margins.

The first step for many organizations is to reduce man hours spent on manual tasks.

ProcurePort’s Procurement Software for Energy Brokers & Suppliers provides the automation we need to:
  • Demonstrate transparency & build trust

  • Maximize value & capture the best prices

  • Improve operational excellence & success

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Sourcing Manager

Focus every effort on selling instead of back-office distractions with ProcurePort’s Procurement Software for Energy Brokers & Suppliers

Demonstrate transparency & build trust from the start.

Less-reputable energy brokers have created negative perceptions across the industry. ProcurePort’s robust automated workflows & security features provide the tools to address consumer concerns & differentiate your business by utilizing:

  • Automated alerts for significant contract events

  • Full audit-ability across the contract life cycle

  • Enterprise security with 2048 Bit – SSL

See how we do it

Leverage real-time bidding to deliver maximum value.

Delivering the best pricing is the difference between a happy customer & a bad reputation. ProcurePort e-auctions foster competitive bidding, which can result in savings of 18%-20% on energy costs.

  • Intuitive bid interfaces with real-time analytics

  • Real-time supplier messaging & online chat

  • Mobile Apps for increased participation

How e-auctions help you win

Automate workflows to improve operational excellence & success.

Manual tasks result in redundant effort & costly human error across your value-chain. ProcurePort’s automated workflows eliminate this waste & focus on revenue generating activities :

  • Intuitive contract templates eliminate manual effort

  • Proprietary Rules Engine with transformational pricing

  • Advanced Controls for complex bid negotiations

Get ready to automate success

Deliver more across the value-chain with ProcurePort’s Procurement Software for Energy Brokers & Suppliers.

Register for a free demo or connect with us today to see how affordable & easy to use ProcurePort is. We are often able to implement solutions that significantly reduce procurement costs in as little as a few days.

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