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Rapidly address regional trends & consistently ensure global compliance.

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Competitive advantage hinges on an ability to rapidly innovate.

Forward-thinking Biotech & Pharma companies are increasingly focused on improved strategic sourcing as a way to reduce the time & cost of R&D. ProcurePort’s Procurement Software for Biotech & Pharma helps companies coordinate an ecosystem of third-party partners & optimize operations to best-cost locations.

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The first step for many organizations is to replace paper process with a cloud-based solution.

ProcurePort’s Procurement Software for Biotech & Pharma provides the visibility, flexibility, & agility needed to effectively:
  • Optimize operations

  • Coordinate with third-party partners

  • Address emerging market trends

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Chief Procurement Officer

Create a seamless ecosystem that creates competitive advantage with ProcurePort’s Procurement Software for Biotech & Pharma.

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Optimize operations with improved analytical systems.

Moving away from paper based processes allows organizations to increase spend visibility.
ProcurePort’s strategic sourcing suite provides:

  • Full audit-ability across the contract lifecycle

  • Multi-tiered approval workflows to ensure compliance

  • Contracted pricing for improved spend management

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Coordinate an ecosystem with third-party partners & ensure global compliance.

Digital platforms create guided buying experiences that allow purchasing teams to transact seamlessly with suppliers & drive down costs. ProcurePort delivers:

  • A single repository to manage supplier information

  • An end-to-end process to track all contracts

  • Automation for key supply chain tasks

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Address emerging market trends quickly & cost effectively.

With better visibility & stronger supplier relationships organizations are able to break down silos, uncover new insights & leverage data to improve supply chain agility. ProcurePort’s intuitive graphical reporting makes it easy to make better decisions quickly:

  • Ad-hoc reporting across multiple dimensions

  • User specific dashboards with personalized data

  • Ready to use spend reports deliver immediate benefits

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Deliver more across the value-chain with ProcurePort’s Procurement Software for Biotech & Pharma.

Register for a free demo or connect with us today to see how affordable & easy to use ProcurePort is. We are often able to implement solutions that significantly reduce procurement costs in as little as a few days.

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