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Reduce spend & ensure optimal supply levels.

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Healthcare providers continue to see rapid shifts in how value is measured.

Expanded regulatory requirements, disruptive technology advancements & increasingly complex supplier relationships continue to highlight the need for seamless interdepartmental coordination. ProcurePort gives leading healthcare organizations a single source of truth & empowers staff to continuously improve patient care.

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The first step for many organizations is to develop strong sourcing processes that can optimize spend, while it also provides clinicians with the supplies they need for procedures & appointments.

Using ProcurePort’s Procurement Software for Healthcare we were able to immediately:
  • Optimize supply inventory levels

  • Identify the best suppliers

  • Optimize Physician Preference Item(PPI) spend

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J. Hale

Global Sourcing Manager

Reduce spend & manage supplies better with ProcurePort’s Procurement Software for Healthcare.

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Ensure the supply of key clinical items, so patient care is always delivered efficiently.

“Frontline care clinicians & staff in hospitals spend at least 10% of their time working around operational failures.” ProcurePort has helped leading healthcare organizations eliminate this waste, while ensuring clinicians have the information, supplies, & equipment they need for exceptional patient care.

Quote: Kaiser Permanente
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Identify & grow the best supplier relationships to maximize purchasing power.

Our intuitive dashboards make it possible to improve transparency across your entire network. Healthcare organizations that track & manage the true cost of items-over-time are able to optimize their supplier network & increase the value of every dollar spent.

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Optimize Physician Preference Item (PPI) costs & reduce your largest operational line item.

Physician Preference Items comprise 40-60% of hospital spending. Procureport can help healthcare providers mitigate this reality & make it possible to:

  • 90% Improved contract compliance

  • 85%-90% More spend under discount

  • 3-Day reduction in inventory carry.

Source:: Hospitals' strategies for orchestrating selection of physician preference items. Montgomery K, Schneller ES Milbank Q. 2007 Jun; 85(2):307-35.)
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Increase visibility & savings today with ProcurePort Procurement Software for Heathcare.

Register for a free demo or connect with us today to see how affordable & easy to use ProcurePort is. We are often able to implement solutions that significantly reduce procurement costs in as little as a few days.

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