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ProcurePort brings decades of experience in building enterprise SAAS software. Get to market faster and cheaper with a customized solution by leveraging enterprise-grade technology for your new idea.

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Custom Auction Software & e-Marketplaces

To achieve operational efficiency in today's highly-competitive business environment, organizations often require specialized procurement solutions that meet their industries’ unique business requirements.

ProcurePort has been developing custom auction software and other online marketplaces software across multiple verticals since 2000. ProcurePort has developed Custom Auction solutions for retail, energy, insurance, healthcare, hospitality, finance, telecom, etc. verticals. This provides clients access to a vast pool of resources and talent to bring their own custom eCommerce marketplace to life quickly and economically.

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The ProcurePort core technology that drives the ProcurePort e-marketplace platform can be customized to suit the requirements of an e-marketplace that demands sophistication; as well as for marketplaces that need the simplicity of a user-friendly transaction interface.

ProcurePort designs and maintains online auction software that is geared for varied audiences, eg: B2B and B2C. Each auction website demands its own features and functions as well as usability requirements such as an easy to use and intuitive user interface and integration to online payment solutions. The ProcurePort design team creates user interfaces keeping the end audience in mind; ensuring that the solution delivered is easy to use and implement.

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ProcurePort custom e-marketplaces provide industry-specific e-procurement solutions that:

  • Meet unique industry requirements for compliance

  • Use language familiar to both buyers and sellers in particular markets

  • Include feature and function sets designed for specific industry verticals

  • Leverage a proven on-demand technology used by several vertical industries

  • Integrate with online payment solutions

  • Can be white-labeled to suit Client requirements

Choose between our available e-marketplace software or work with us to design a customized multi-vendor marketplace solution just for your business vertical. ProcurePort has developed auction software and marketplaces for the following verticals:

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  • Hospitality & Travel:

    A robust online procurement solution that allows organizations to significantly reduce costs on bulk negotiations and purchasing of hotel rooms and travel services (airfare and car rental).

  • Financial & Insurance:

    Marketplace exchange designed for financial and insurance firms providing a secure, Web-based environment for the online trading of financial instruments such as life insurance policies, bonds and securities.

  • Healthcare:

    Healthcare exchange that creates an open and competitive marketplace for purchasing prescription drugs by linking consumers and prescribers with pharmacies and manufacturers in a live auction format. Users reduce costs for prescriptions and benefit from the improved ability to make more informed purchasing and service decisions.

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  • Carbon Credit (CER):

    Carbon credit (CER) exchange that allows companies and traders to buy and trade certified emission reduction (CER) units in a live auction format.

  • Renewable Fuels:

    Energy trading marketplace that allows for the conducting auctions for various types of renewable fuels such as Ethanol.

  • Energy Auction Platform:

    Specifically designed for trading electric energy, this auction platform allows energy brokers to participate in real-time energy auctions conducted by companies as well as Energy Demand Aggregators.

  • Telecom:

    A custom auction marketplace where various telecom products/services providers place bids on telecom requirements of fortune 1000 and other medium-size companies.


  • Retail:

    A marketing and sales platform for Storage Places. Buyers looking for storage units in various parts of the country can search using various criteria including “name your own price”. Owners of storage facilities can bid in real-time for consumer demand or use an automated pricing engine that bids on their behalf.

  • Construction & Home Building:

    A marketplace that allows general contractors to post their purchasing requirements onto a custom auction platform where various suppliers post real-time bids on their requirements. A seamless integration with an online payment solution allows the contractors to pay for the products and services via the auction platform.

e-Marketplace Software

Get access to state of the art technology, complemented with expert consulting services to bring your e-Marketplace Idea to life. ProcurePort can deploy your B2B or B2C marketplace quickly and economically.

Looking to deploy a multi-vendor marketplace in a specific product/category/vertical? ProcurePort has over a decade of experience in customizing and building an online e-Marketplaces in different verticals. (Energy, Renewable Fuels, Retail, Telecom, Construction Materials and Financial Products are some example markets).

Our e-Marketplace software is perfect for an existing organization or an entrepreneur who is looking to deploy a transactional e-commerce platform between buyers and sellers to conduct business with each other in a dynamic environment.

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e-Marketplace Key Features

  • Buyer/Seller Subscription Fees:

    Option to charge the buyer or seller a monthly or annual subscription fee to be part of the e-Marketplace

  • Auction Transaction Fees:

    Option to charge the Buyer/Seller an auction transaction fee based on the amount of the final transaction (auction award) amount

  • e-Auctions:

    Allow your Buyers/Seller to post/list

    - Reverse Auctions

    - Forward Auctions

    - Sudden Death Auctions

    - Silent Auctions



  • Private Events:

    Ability for Buyers/Sellers to conduct private invitation-only auctions

  • Payment Facility:

    - Marketplace administrator can collect subscription fees as well as transaction fees via credit cards for the online store

    - Buyer/Sellers can pay for purchased goods/services via credit cards

  • Seamless Payment Integration:

    A NO-HASSLE payment facility that does not require any extensive paperwork or approvals for accepting credit cards. No monthly merchant account fees. A simple per transaction fee for all users based on the amount transacted.

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