ProcurePort Experience

ProcurePort has been providing e-sourcing tools and Strategic Sourcing services to Fortune Companies, Small Businesses, State & Federal Agencies as well as Federal Government since 2000. Over the last decade ProcurePort has helped organizations with their business strategy by creating a strategic sourcing plan and implementing a sourcing strategy that generates significant cost savings.

ProcurePort’s experience in sourcing and procurement has greatly helped Clients improve their overall category management across categories such as office supplies, logistics, travel, raw materials, print services and many more. Checkout our comprehensive list of “Categories Sourced”.

Global strategic sourcing complimented with Supplier relationship management can greatly increase an Organizations competitive advantage. ProcurePort has implemented strategic sourcing plan and executed strategic sourcing events across various products and services generating significant cost savings for our fortune customers as well as small firms.

ProcurePort has expertise in the following key procurement service areas:

  • Spend Analysis Service
  • A thorough analysis of your Company Spend on Goods and Services across your entire supply chain can greatly increase the success of your Sourcing Strategy and benefit the Strategic sourcing process overall

  • Reverse Auction Service
  • Our sourcing strategy experts can provide assistance in implementing e-Sourcing tools to successfully execute your sourcing strategy and generate significant cost savings across your entire supply chain.

  • Online Auction Software
  • Implementation of reverse auctions in your Procurement Process can help with cost reductions, increase buying power and increase your organizations overall competitive advantage.

  • Contract Management Software
  • An effective procurement process requires access to information across all areas of your organizations supply chain. Access and visibility of contracts for your entire supply base is critical in understanding your overall spend. ProcurePort’s contract management software provides 24/7 access to critical contract documents as well as alerts related to contract expiration, insurance / certification expiration and renewals

  • Custom Auction Software
  • Not all industry verticals operate equally. ProcurePort has over a decade of experience in implementing custom e-Auction solutions suited to specific industry verticals and business strategy.

  • RFI, RFP and RFQ
  • Automating the various stages of a Procurement Process greatly benefit the sourcing decisions process and is critical to the success of a well thought out Procurement Strategy. Implementing e-Sourcing Tools provided by ProcurePort can provide process improvement across your entire supply chain.

About ProcurePort

ProcurePort is a global leader in providing eProcurement Solutions and Strategic sourcing Services delivered On Demand via the Cloud. Our team of experts can do a cost-benefit analysis and design an appropriate strategic sourcing plan to give your organization the competitive advantage it needs to succeed. Whether it is International Sourcing, Category management, Supply management, Cost reduction or just procurement process improvement, ProcurePort’s sourcing services and e-Sourcing tools can help Fortune Companies or Small firms.

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