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Procurement Software for Construction & Property Management

Quickly recruit & manage
vendors at a national scale.

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Industry leaders are defined by their ability to provide consistent coverage across a geographically dispersed portfolio.

Whether you’re preparing to break ground or managing your most established property it’s essential to be able to rapidly respond to diverse site needs. ProcurePort’s Procurement Software for Construction & Property Management allows you to identify the best vendors, receive the best prices & make the purchases you need to get work done fast,

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The first step for many organizations is to eliminate as many paper based processes as possible.

ProcurePort’s Procurement Software for Construction & Property Managers is an intuitive cloud solution to:
  • Efficiently recruit & manage vendors

  • Drive bidding competition for the best prices

  • Respond quickly to site needs & emergencies

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K. Rogers

Global Purchasing Manager

Increase efficiency & position your firm for accelerated growth with ProcurePort’s Procurement Software for Construction & Property Management.

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Automate sourcing to ensure coverage across large operational footprints.

Paper based processes are inefficient & prone to human error. ProcurePort delivers an efficient & scalable way to collect supplier information:

  • Intuitive interface simplifies vendor on-boarding

  • Easily Integrated into existing process & systems

  • Advanced reporting for response comparison

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75% less time to award jobs

Leverage real-time bidding to drive competition.

Find the right vendor, receive the best price & get work done faster. ProcurePort’s e-auctions foster competitive bidding & can reduce the time it takes to award the job by 75%.

  • Real-time supplier messaging & online chat

  • Mobile Apps for increased participation

  • Advanced Controls for complex bid negotiations

How e-auctions help you win
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Eliminate Maverick Spend & reduce operational expenses.

A cloud-solution provides a single source of truth that increases financial transparency & accountability across the organization. ProcurePort’s automated workflows eliminate waste & allow companies to focus on revenue generating activities :

  • Comprehensive audit trails for all activities

  • Proprietary Rules Engine with automated approvals

  • Exportable reports for improved spend analysis

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Ensure comprehensive coverage with ProcurePort’s Procurement Software for Construction & Property Management.

Register for a free demo or connect with us today to see how affordable & easy to use ProcurePort is. We are often able to implement solutions that significantly reduce procurement costs in as little as a few days.

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Trusted globally by sourcing professionals & organizations.

Increase efficiency & position your firm for accelerated growth with ProcurePort Procurement Software for Energy & Utilities.