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ProcurePort Announces the Launch of, a New Reverse Auction Platform for the Trade of Guarantees of Origin for Renewable Energy

June 19, 2014

Reverse Auction Marketplaces that cater to specific products or services are becoming increasingly popular in bringing buyers and sellers together in a dynamic environment. The GreenPower e-marketplace software simplifies GoO trading for larger producers and utility companies complementing the existing trading platforms that are mostly tailored to small energy products.

ProcurePort, a leading provider of On-Demand E-Sourcing software including reverse auction software and services, announces the launch of a unique e-marketplace software platform that streamlines the trade of "Guarantees of Origin for renewable energy". Energy suppliers are presented with a new Guarantee of Origin marketplace that sets new industry standards in terms of quality and trade volume.

The new platform offers tangible benefits for energy suppliers. Suppliers can cover their demand for Guarantees of Origin easily and in a targeted manner, saving a lot of time. While it used to be necessary to make many individual inquiries, energy providers can now procure substantial amounts of GoOs at a market price with just a few clicks on the GreenPower Marketpace powered by ProcurePort. All products offered on the platform are properly certified and were developed in close cooperation with industry leaders. Click Here for more details.

ProcurePort has developed proprietary cloud hosted E-Marketplace software delivered as a SAAS solution. The software allows creation of a marketplace for a specific vertical (eg: Health care services, Telecom, Energy, Building Materials, Lumber, Legal Services etc.) instantaneously with minimal cost.

Founded in 2001, ProcurePort has expanded its service offering from discrete online auction tools to complete on demand sourcing solutions including providing Strategic Sourcing and spend analysis services as well as developing custom auction marketplaces.

About ProcurePort

ProcurePort is a leader in providing on-demand e-sourcing software (Reverse auction software / Spend analysis software / E-Marketplace software) and services (Reverse auction services / Spend analysis services) for the Startup as well as Global 1000 organizations. Operating in a wide range of industries from manufacturing to government, ProcurePort’s clients benefit from both the technology and service expertise that can help them launch their electronic marketplace without time consuming or expensive technology deployment. ProcurePort’s affordability enables startup’s to compete with larger organizations and reach new levels of success in deploying an E-Marketplace in a specific vertical. For more information, visit or call 1.866.643.8153 (toll-free in North America).