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Productivity soars when procurement is streamlined.

Our Client, A Housing & Urban Development Giant, relies on an extensive national network of third party service providers to regularly inspect thousands of properties across the U.S. and report any required maintenance needs.

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The Challenge

Our client recognized that their creation-to-award process, which required thousands of bids to be manually processed every month, had to be updated.


Reduce the 6-week timeline to collect bids, evaluate and award suppliers.


Reduce the need for less secure data storage methods, like email and paper-based communications


Deliver metrics that expose savings opportunities and makes audits easier.


In order to ensure success, ProcurePort first focused on understanding of the needs of three unique types of users.

As the ProcurePort team began to dig deeper into the user needs, it became apparent that internal employees lacked the ecosystem to efficiently create an RFQ, distribute it to the right vendors and communicate outcomes quickly.

For example, each month data from the ERP needed to be exported and used to manually create an RFQ. Then employees would save the data to a digital format, that they hoped vendors would be able open, and emailed it to over a

hundred vendors. After the RFQ was sent, the team would prepare to evaluate an average of over 100,000 bid points, and enter the results manually into the ERP, often racing a tight deadline.

ProcurePort helped document individual points of failure and create automated workflows that could streamline communication, reduce human errors and make it easy for everyone to communicate efficiently.

Design an

In addition to automated workflows ProcurePort designed a comprehensive platform that eliminated manual processes, and inconsistent communication tools, in order to increase transparency for both vendors and internal stakeholders

computer with ProcurePort dashboard model on screen
e-Sourcing software

ProcurePort e-Sourcing

Delivers comprehensive modules that automate the Source-to-Pay process.

Online and realtime tracking

Online real-time tracking

Ensures visibility into suptplier engagement and spend optimization opportunities.

Reverse auction supplier view

ProcurePort Reverse Auction Module

Provides state of the art reverse auction technology for Dynamic Bidding.

Intelligent automation

Automated intelligent award mechanism

Generates a final award report with a single click greater transparency.

Pro api module

ProcurePort API module

Establishes seamless 2-way communication with the existing ERP.

Trade rev live auction campaign

Reverse Auction Program (Rap)

Allows participants to bid down, in addition to traditional sequentially higher bids.

Auto event creation

Automated online event creator

Allows bid events to be created with a single click

Physical assessment subsystem (PASS)

Physical Assessment Subsystem (Pass)

Empowers vendors to schedule & perform inspections in accordance with Uniform Physical Condition Standards.

Days, not

Our client was thrilled to find that the 6-weeks required to collect bids, evaluate and award suppliers had been reduced to 2 days.

Secure & Intuitive

By simply eliminating manual tasks, the process was made more secure and intuitive, however the addition of enterprise class security eliminated many IT department concerns.

Tier IV Facility

The most advanced enterprise class data center tier with redundancy applied across the entire infrastructure.

SSAE 16 Type II Compliant

Feel secure that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission agrees that our internal controls protect your organization and your vendors.

2048 Bit – SSL

Ever bit of data is protected by the industry standard for corporate social responsibility.


Electronic notifications are sent at every stage of the RFQ and a single online space delivers suppliers the tools they need. In addition, internal stakeholders have greater visibility, now they can monitor supplier engagement and identify optimization opportunities in real time.

Watching as vendors bid and compete real-time is always exciting. However, or client’s new ecosystem does so much more. It’s ability to automatically generate an award report and send award notices to winning vendors, eliminates weeks of manual work every month. Tight integration with the existing ERP allows award data to flow seamlessly from ProcurePort and the new level of security builds immediate trust with IT and vendors alike.

Jemin PatelDirector, ProcurePort

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