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Cloud hosted software that provides a simple and secure way for you to manage your contracts, eliminating the risk associated with poorly managed documents.

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Contract Management Software and Sourcing Solutions

ProcurePort’s Contract Management Software provides a secure internet-based solution for creating, executing, managing and analyzing all supplier contracts from initial negotiations through contract expiration and performance assessment; including contract compliance.

Stop using file cabinets and switch to an all-digital secure Contract Management tool to manage and track your supplier contracts throughout the contract life cycle.


The ProcurePort Cloud Hosted Contract Management Solution allows for maintaining a central repository for all your contracts and contract data including relevant documents; easily accessible 24/7, anywhere and anytime.


A comprehensive tracking-and-alerting system ensures that none of your contracts or related contract documents (eg: Insurance certificates, Certifications, etc.) expire without notice.


Optional integration with Sign-Now allows for Digital e-Signature capability, whereby approved final versions of the contract documents can be digitally signed by both Buyer and Seller.

Analyze all contract data using Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards for a clear overall view on Contract Values, Spend, Category, Suppliers, etc. Create unlimited Contract Templates with customized forms to capture all relevant contract meta-data


This valuable tool delivers a consistent and proven methodology for online Contract Management and vendors. It also provides a single electronic repository for all documentation, eliminating the inefficiencies and risks associated with standard paper-based Contract Management processes. On top of this, it gives you on-demand access to contracts through a Web-based application that includes an easy-to-use interface, plus robust functionality and reporting features.

The Contract Management System delivers complete automation to the contract lifecycle process for Government and Public entities.

The Online Contract Lifecycle Management - CLM Software has the following key features:

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  • Easy to use wizard to load contract documents and contract terms

  • Easily create contracts using contract templates

  • Tag contracts with keywords for custom searching and reporting

  • Automated notification alerts for all significant events in the Contract Management Lifecycle

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  • Increase collaboration and visibility between business users

  • Onscreen reporting and exportable reports for spend analysis

  • Real-time collaboration during the contracting process within various divisions/individuals within an organization for the creation, management and contract generation.

  • Full audit-ability of the entire contract life cycle available to all business users

With the help of ProcurePort’s Contract Management Solution, you can manage all your contracts in one place including all contract documents. Quickly assess contracts that are up for renewal as well as get alerts on expiring contracts.

Capture all Contract Details + Track Spend against each contract



Get a single comprehensive view of organization-wide contracts, including spend. Track contracts by category and sub-category and ensure contract compliance by tracking spend against each contract.

ProcurePort contract lifecycle management software allows you to track spend against each contract. Categorize your contracts based on spend categories and conduct real-time spend analysis using the built-in spend analytics tool enhancing your company spend management.

Comprehensive Contract Alerting System

Don’t be surprised with contract renewals or contract expiration. A comprehensive alerting system allows you to keep on top of upcoming renewals/expiration.

Alert the right people at the right time to ensure proactive Contract Management.

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  • Never miss a contract expiration date. Stay on top of all contracts via real time alerts. Negotiate early with suppliers prior to contract expiration to ensure optimum renewal pricing.

  • Get notified of expiring insurance certifications and other supplier certifications crucial for your company’s contract compliance initiative.

Keep track of Vendor Compliance Certificates:

Easy Compliance

Ensuring against expiration of Vendor insurance certificates as well as any other compliance document is a breeze with the easy-to-use document alert system.

Expiration Alerts

Don’t let Vendor insurance certificate lapse or allow expiration of any compliance document. The document alert can be used to alert one or multiple parties of any upcoming expiration dates

Better Management

Contract Management is an essential part of the overall strategic procurement process. Not having clear visibility across all your contracts and all procurement spend driven by contracts negotiated can have a negative impact on your overall spend management process.

Easy Tracking

A secure cloud hosted Contract Management software can provide all the necessary visibility as well as analytics to track all contract spend as well as track the vital timelines associated with each supplier contract.

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