Auction Software (delivered via the cloud)

ProcurePort’s Online Auction Software is delivered as a SAAS solution

  • The e-sourcing software is hosted in a secure and scalable facility in a private cloud
  • ProcurePort’s hosting environment is SSAE 16 Type II compliant
  • Providing the highest level of privacy and security for your data

A completely web based solution that does not require any special software or hardware installation. Easy to use and implement.

ProcurePort’s online auction platform provides a secure environment for conducting e-sourcing events such as:

  • Electronic RFI / RFP
  • Reverse Auctions
  • Forward Auctions
  • Dutch Auctions
  • Sealed Bid Auctions
  • Various other formats of Online Auctions

ProcurePort’s On Demand e-sourcing software is an all-inclusive offering providing all required steps of an e-sourcing process including:

  • Project Management
  • Real time Dynamic pricing using Online Bidding
  • Electronic RFI (Request for Information ) / RFQ (Request for Quote)
  • Supplier Management and Spend Management
  • Comprehensive Reporting via a Secure Cloud hosted platform.

Leverage ProcurePort’s state of the art strategic sourcing software to drive cost savings


  • Custom Category management / UNSPSC Code Classification
  • Prospective supplier discovery, self-registration, and classification
  • Approved and new vendor list management across multiple spend categories
  • Comprehensive Supplier Profile management including supplier Catalog and Brochure management


  • Comprehensive RFI / RFQ creation tool with Automated Scoring
  • Survey Creation Tool with Automated Scoring
  • Template based RFI / RFQ / Survey creation
  • Free form Excel based automated RFI creation
  • Embed Dynamic Quote Sheet in RFI (convert to an Online Auction for staged negotiations)
  • Multiple User role and Committee management for collaborative event management

Auction Software

  • Easy to use intuitive interface
  • Multiple Auction formats (Reverse, Forward, Dutch, Sealed Bid, etc.) with Multiple Advanced Controls for controlled negotiations
  • Various Event layout formats with Lot and Group feature
  • Excel based Auction Creation for large events (multiple lot, multiple groups, multiple line items)
  • Multiple Round / Staged Negotiation capability using Pre-bid, Live Event and Post Event Bid features
  • Create Custom Fields on Demand for each line item for collecting additional information along with line item pricing (eg: Currency, Date, File Upload, Multiple Choice, etc.)
  • Comprehensive Rules Engine to conduct events with transformational pricing (eg: {Bid Amount + Shipping + Duties} * Qty
  • Multi-parameter, multi-format, multi-line, and non-price factor negotiations
  • Intuitive event creation and bid interfaces, real-time analytics, and supplier messaging/chat
  • Comprehensive reporting features for post bid analysis
  • Award by line item, award by response / bid, or automatic awarding
  • Clear audit trails, archiving, and search tools for completed sourcing events
  • Graphical event summaries
  • Intuitive workflow with reusable templates
  • Multi-Lingual

The Auction Software Platform is supported by our dedicated and friendly 24/7 technical support staff that are highly trained professionals familiar with all aspects of e-sourcing.

Third party integration capabilities

  • Integrate ProcurePort with SAP e-Sourcing using our API kit. Seamlessly integrate the auction event data with your SAP Sourcing platform. Directly import Line Item, Supplier Information, and Bid Information for any event into your SAP platform for further processing without any manual intervention.
  • Use our Web Services to extract bid data of your auction events and supplier data from ProcurePort and import into any third party procurement solution.

Using auction bidding software in your supply chain for procurement of goods and services can generate significant cost savings as well as increase efficiencies in your business processes. ProcurePort auction tools can facilitate real time dynamic pricing from suppliers for achieving the lowest bid for all your indirect spend.

ProcurePort can also brand its auction software to match your company’s brand colors including logo / banner (including White Label). Additionally, if you are looking for an auction software solution to meet your organizations specific business process, read about our custom auction software platforms.

With the help of ProcurePort’s Online Reverse Auction Software, achieving the lowest price from your supply base is easy. Save 18% - 40% by conducting online auctions. Contact us today to discuss the various online auction formats. Check out ProcurePort’s custom auction software solutions configured specific to your unique business processes.

Customer Testimonials

T&M ran their first auction on the ProcurePort platform. It was a great success. The Bidders found the platform very user friendly, as well as easy to understand & really liked the T&M touches you added to our site. The Auction went extremely smoothly & we were able to sign a contract & save our Client a substantial amount of money.

Tara Pasca, Energy Procurement Mgr.
About ProcurePort

ProcurePort is a global leader in providing Online Auction Software delivered On Demand via the Cloud. Access industry leading technology including Reverse Auction Software, Spend Analysis Software and Contract Management Software and experience world class technology support and procurement consulting services.

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