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Transforming Con Edison's Procurement with ProcurePort's E-Sourcing Solution


Since its establishment as the New York Gas Light company in 1823, Con Edison has grown into a global leader in energy delivery systems, catering to the energy needs of 10 million residents in New York City and Westchester County. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and customer-centric energy solutions, Con Edison continually seeks advancements to offer cleaner, more efficient energy choices and empower its customers with greater control over their energy usage.

Challenges and Motivation for Adopting E-Sourcing Software

What motivated your organization to adopt e-sourcing software? What were the specific challenges or pain points that led you to seek out this solution?

Response: Cost was the motivating factor in adopting ProcurePort.  The prior solution was getting too costly and we were forced to look at alternatives.

Selection of E-Sourcing Software

How did you approach the selection of e-sourcing software? What factors did you consider, and what was your decision-making process like?

Response: We researched e-sourcing software providers and evaluated several solutions based on factors such as ease of use, functionality, and cost. We also considered customer support. We conducted a pilot program with a small group of suppliers to test the software and gather feedback before making our final decision.

Why ProcurePort?

What were the key elements for selecting ProcurePort as your e-Sourcing Solution?


  • Easy to Use and understand

  • Quick to deploy

  • Good Support

  • Competitively Priced

Implementation Preparation and Training

How did you prepare your organization for the implementation of e-sourcing software? What training or change management initiatives did you put in place?

Response: We created an implementation plan that included training sessions for all stakeholders.

Measuring Success and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

How did you measure the success of your e-sourcing software implementation? What key performance indicators (KPIs) did you track, and how did you use this data to inform ongoing improvements?

Response: We tracked goals such as cost savings.  We also regularly solicited feedback from users to identify areas for improvement and optimize the system for our specific needs.

Benefits of Implementing ProcurePort E-Sourcing Software

What were some of the biggest benefits you experienced as a result of implementing ProcurePort e-sourcing software? How did these benefits impact your organization's operations and bottom line?

Response: We experienced significant cost savings, as well as increased collaboration with suppliers. These benefits improved our overall efficiency and effectiveness in sourcing activities.

Challenges and Roadblocks

Were there any unexpected challenges or roadblocks you encountered during the implementation of ProcurePort e-Sourcing Software?

Response: We encountered some resistance to change from stakeholders who were accustomed to the previous software used.  To overcome this, we demonstrated the ease of use of the ProcurePort system and provided additional training and support as needed.

Future E-Sourcing Strategy

What plans do you have for the future of your e-sourcing strategy?

Response: We continue to test other opportunities for the use of ProcurePort.


ProcurePort's e-sourcing software has empowered Con Edison to achieve substantial cost savings, enhance supplier collaboration, and optimize procurement processes, aligning with the company's commitment to innovation and efficiency in the energy sector.

Contact Information

Name: Joanna Ostrowska

Title: Senior Planning Analyst, Con Edison

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