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Japanese Auction

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What is a Japanese Auction?

Japanese Auction, also known as a candle auction, is a unique auction format that involves the gradual extinguishing of a candle or other light source. In a Japanese Auction, the price of the item starts high, and the auctioneer lowers it incrementally while the bidders express their interest. Bidders signal their willingness to purchase the item by blowing out the candle or light source when the price reaches a level they are willing to pay.

The last bidder to blow out the candle or light source wins the item at the final price at which the light was extinguished. Japanese Auctions create a suspenseful and dynamic atmosphere, as bidders must carefully time their actions to secure the item at the desired price.

This type of auction is less common than traditional ascending-price auctions but can be used for unique and entertaining fundraising events or sales.