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e-Tender Software

ProcurePort’s Contract Management Software and e-Tender Management tool provides a secure internet-based application for creating, executing, managing and analyzing all supplier contracts from initial negotiations through contract expiration and performance assessment; including contract compliance.

This valuable tool delivers a consistent and proven methodology for online contract management and vendors. It also provides a single electronic repository for all documentation, eliminating the inefficiencies and risks associated with standard paper-based contract management processes. On top of this, it gives you on-demand access to contracts through a Web-based application that includes an easy-to-use interface, plus robust functionality and reporting features.

The e-Tendering tool delivers complete automation to the tendering process for Government and Public entities. Create, manage, distribute and evaluate tenders using the easy to use e Tendering solution by ProcurePort.

The Online Contract Management & e Tendering tool has the following key features:

  • Easy to use wizard to create contracts and e-Tenders
  • Automated notification alerts for all significant events in the Contract Management and e-Tendering process
  • Onscreen reporting and exportable reports for post event analysis
  • Real-time collaboration within various divisions / individuals within an organization for the creation, management and analysis of the Contract Management and e Tendering process
  • Lockbox feature for sealing responses until a specific time / day of response opening including audit features

With the help of ProcurePort’s Contract Management Software, you can manage all your contracts in one place including all contract documents. Quickly assess contracts that are up for renewal as well as get alerts on expiring contracts.

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