e-Sourcing: The new way to source better

As an important organizational function, strategic sourcing plays an increasingly influential role in helping organizations compete and achieve a sustainable advantage in their missions and markets. Using e-Sourcing software to automate the strategic sourcing process allows organizations to make better and faster sourcing decisions, directly impacting the efficiency of their supply chain. A comprehensive sourcing strategy should include the use of spend analysis software and reverse auctions, specifically for the online procurement of direct goods and services.

The use of e-Sourcing tools, specifically online auction software in the procurement process can generate significant cost savings for Fortune companies, small firms as well as government agencies.

e-Sourcing software does more than establish an electronic venue for buyers and suppliers to conduct business-to-business e-commerce. It also streamlines workflows for better supply chain management and spend management. E-Procurement software enhances flexibility and drives transparency between the buyers and suppliers.

e-Sourcing is the process of automating the current email or paper based sourcing process. Typical benefits of online sourcing are:

  • Obtain bids / quotes from different suppliers using a single online sourcing portal
  • Save time by streamline and automating your bid collection process achieving frictionless commerce
  • Single repository for all supplier responses so that you can compare side by side On Demand
  • e-Sourcing using reverse auctions can generate significant cost savings by increasing supplier competition for better spend management

Automate your procurement and sourcing with state of the art e-Sourcing software

  • • Conduct Online Auctions such as Reverse auctions, Forward auctions, Sealed Bid auctions, Japanese Auctions, Dutch Auctions and other additional formats.
  • Conduct Online RFI (Request for information or Online surveys), RFP (Request for proposal) including scoring based RFI’s and automate the quote collection process
  • Supplier Information management including complete supplier profiles
  • Spend management using Spend Analysis software
  • Automate the Source to Purchase Order (P.O) process
  • Contract Management for unified access to all your contracts

For optimum total cost of ownership, use the ProcurePort e-Sourcing solution in combination with Spend analysis and managed sourcing services provided by ProcurePort. Enhance your Procurement and Sourcing process for a better supply management and a stronger supply base.

The ProcurePort e-Procurement Software suite provides the critical e-sourcing tools that enable a procurement process delivering better spend management and improved relationship between buyers and suppliers. Whether used independently or integrated with your ERP software such as SAP e-Sourcing, ProcurePort provides the e-Sourcing tools necessary to drive cost reduction in any organizations supply chain.

Learn how ProcurePort’s e-Sourcing software can improves the accuracy and availability of information on both the supply and demand side, facilitating collaboration as well as control and compliance. Fortune Companies as well as Public sector agencies can improve their sourcing process using ProcurePort, Contact us today to request a demo of our e-Sourcing software.

About ProcurePort

ProcurePort delivers the broadest set of e-Sourcing solutions to administer a wide range of activities for organizations such as automating the bid collection process using online RFI and RFP process combined with Online reverse auctions. Our online sourcing software is feature rich, easy to use and implement. Contact Us today to find out about our flexible pricing plans that can be tailored to fit any budget and a variety of business processes.